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Glanbia reports half year growth

Irish dairy ingredients giant Glanbia says its adjusted earnings are up 10.8% over the prior half year, and EBITA from wholly owned businesses was €157.4 million, up 13.7% in the same time period.

Posted 17 August 2016

China loves German milk

China remains, in the drinking milk segment and cream (small packages of up to two litres) with more than 96,000 tons, the absolute leader in third country business for Germany, according to a report from the German Dairy Association MIV.

Posted 16 August 2016

German butter exports increase to Iran

Hopes for a new German dairy market in Iran has so far failed to materialise. Iran is extremely difficult overall, from negotiation to payment and insurance arrangements.

Posted 15 August 2016

Study says GOS helps with exercise-induced asthma

Clasado Biosciences, producers and suppliers of Bimuno(R) (B-GOS), a patented trans-galactooligosaccharide complex, announced the publication of results for the latest clinical study using B-GOS.

Posted 11 August 2016

Natural estrogens fine in cow’s milk

Estrogen occurs naturally in cow’s milk. Recently, there has been concern that consuming milk containing elevated amounts of estrogen could affect blood levels of the hormone in humans, leading to an increased risk of some cancers.

Posted 11 August 2016

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