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Not just for breakfast

We have been consuming less milk in the house, while at the same time increasing intake of Greek-style yogurt. This is due to the small child developing a keen interest in “yogurt pots,” as they are known. It’s porridge oats soaked overnight in apple juice, then topped with plain yogurt and mixed berries. It is also portable, as we put them into plastic containers for taking to work. It is interesting to note that we are part of the on-the-go trend, without thinking too much about it.

It is a wider trend, as seen in several product launches. Arla’s skyr yogurts in the UK have been successful with its yogurt drink introduction last year, and several other drinkable products are now on the market here in the UK.

That being said, we are also increasingly seeing breakfast cereals moving out of the purely breakfast realm, as consumers eat them throughout the day and manufacturers develop other ways to eat one’s cereal on the go. My small child is now developing another habit of eating cereal “whenever,” with milk. After school, as a pre-bedtime snack, it’s always cereal time.

In other news, First Milk in the UK is again paying out to farmer members, following two years of restructuring and management changes, and by focusing on its core businesses. It is refreshing to see a dairy firm work hard with its members to turn around what had been an ailing business. I am sure the co-operative’s members are relieved that the country has not lost another buying group. The company’s businesses remain focused cheese making, include Lake District Dairy Co. cheeses and the Mull of Kintyre brand, as well as the Isle of Arran creamery and Pembrokeshire in Wales. Good news about the resumption of payments and well done to everyone.

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