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Catching the consumer’s eye

Arla Foods in the UK has launched a new campaign for its brands that focuses on the commuter market and encourages people to “Eat Monday for Breakfast.” As part of the campaign, comedian Nick Helm has gone and interviewed people who get up early as a matter of course for online videos. One of them being a dairy farmer, unsurprisingly. I have never met a dairy farmer who was impressed when I tell them I caught the first train out from my town to get to their neck of the woods, which is the 05:25. A milkman would be another early bird type.

The ads themselves are very catchy, with cows, pigs and people all waking up and doing active things such as swimming and playing drums (not the animals) while consuming dairy products. The end slogan is “Don’t hit snooze.” Like the “This Girl Can” advertisement for encouraging women to take up sport, it encourages activity, but has the added feature of dairy consumption.

At any rate, the campaign has people talking. As does the one going viral on British Airways, which features cats. You can get anyone to watch videos of cats and BA has cleverly tied in this international trend with a very watchable film with cats climbing in and out of suitcases.

In today’s rushed marketplace, a watchable video is worth its weight in gold. People are spending more time on their phones, and a video placed so they view it is worthwhile. If they talk about it and share it on Facebook, so much the better.

No doubt the people rushing around in the mornings will appreciate some acknowledgement of the work they do well before the rest of us rise from our beds. However, the rest of us will sleep in and probably watch the videos later.

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