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The ice cream scene

It’s high summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and even in the UK where we normally don’t get much of a summer, the recent heat has people are thinking of ice cream. As Maggie Rush of the Ice Cream Alliance says, the way people are eating ice cream is changing in the UK, and your friendly ice cream van may become more a mobile ice cream parlour in the future, to keep abreast of the competition from supermarkets and other outlets for the frozen treats. I for one, will still keep running outside for the 99 cone.

Unilever’s profits continue to be helped by its ice cream division in the UK. It features premium brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s pint range ‘Topped’, and the ‘Wich sandwich. Magnum pints have also been developed to extend the brand, and coconut and raspberry variants have been added. Not only this, the company is promoting its vegan and gluten-free Cornetto variants. I am quite fond of the mini version of the Magnums, as it stands.

However, yogurt is also finding ways towards growth via sponsorship of sporting events. Arla Foods is doing its part in Germany with the sponsorship of The Barmer Women’s Run by its high-protein Skyr range. Meanwhile, Arla Protein is an official sponsor and protein partner of Germany’s toughest obstacle: the Xletix Challenge. In several places during the summer runners will be facing 25 extreme obstacles and at least 12 km of running distance with plenty of mud included.

I also eat a fair amount of yogurt, but will not be competing in either of these events soon. Happy Monday all.

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