Sustainable age

Water use reduction, innovation centres and how the Swiss will improve their sustainable production were all features of last week’s news. I think if you’re not looking at how to improve your inputs and reduce your outputs by now, your business may well need looking into. And whether this is done on a country-wide level, as in Switzerland and in the UK, or more locally, it has quickly become a necessary part of the dairy processing community. Let’s face it, our food group is simultaneously one of the most local and vital for the rural economies worldwide, and a lot of people depend on dairy for their nutritional needs and their livelihoods. Ensuring it’s as sustainable and innovative as possible helps everyone, no matter where they lie along the food chain.

Meanwhile, this week will be a travelling one for me. I will be at the European Dairy Association’s policy conference in Brussels on Wednesday, and then straight over to Cologne for Thursday and Anuga FoodTec. I find the policy conference well worth the day trip because I spend a lot of time chewing over what has been discussed in the ensuing months. This year’s theme is “European dairy – Our way forward,” and I look forward to seeing what dairy industry insiders have to say about what will be an eventful year, no matter how you slice it. Plus, the cheese buffet is second to none in both quality and quantity. Off to dig out my passport…

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