The new craft brews

It had to happen in the US. Having spent 20 years turning the American beer scene into a plethora of good beer options, the artisanal cheese market is booming, with various milk cheeses from around the country showing up in the suburbs. My favourite punny cheese being a smoked blue called Moody, from the Roth Dairy in Wisconsin.

I bought this at the American Cheese shop, by the railroad in Sayville. That and the record shop a few stores along, Vinyl Paradise, makes this quaint village a good place for a stopover.

And this is where jobs are being created too – far from the urban centres. Dairy is a big part of the rural economy in every country, and the US Dairy Export Council took to Twitter to remind everyone that a trade war between the US and China would have serious consequences for both countries.

Tom Vilsack also noted that the US dairy industry makes up $64 billion in tax revenues, and often in areas where jobs are thin on the ground.

It is a good trend. As Americans turn onto better cheese, the economy they will help will be their own. And it means I will continue to eat well.

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