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Editor’s blog

My five minutes of fame

Looking at myself wittering on about cheese on the episode of The Farmers’ Country Showdown on BBC1 last week, I thought, I wish I’d combed my hair before they started filming. And boy, do I get red when put under any public gaze.

Posted 6 March 2017

Look at the science

There continues to be encouraging news about the correlation between dairy and body mass index (BMI). A study published in the Nutrition & Diabetes journal showed that higher total dairy intake was associated with lower BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference and blood pressure.

Posted 28 February 2017

And a spoon shall lead them

It’s often the little things in life that irk a person. One personal bugbear of mine is being addressed by Rachel’s, which has added spoons to its on-the-go breakfast yogurt pots in the UK. I applaud this measure as so often, you’re out and about, and to have to remember to grab the spoon from the pile in the supermarket after the checkout and while you’re galloping towards a train, while not spilling your coffee as well.

Posted 20 February 2017

Not just for breakfast

We have been consuming less milk in the house, while at the same time increasing intake of Greek-style yogurt. This is due to the small child developing a keen interest in “yogurt pots,” as they are known.

Posted 13 February 2017

Trending now

Interest in Austrian products is growing in China, Salzburg Milch reported last week. Another example of cross-border trade is Fonterra’s move to make whiter butter for the Middle Eastern market.

Posted 6 February 2017

Gambling on the US

One wonders what Glanbia and Hochland are thinking of the latest news from the US, about the executive order banning nationals from seven countries from entering, even with valid US permits. Both have set up joint ventures and purchased cheese businesses in the States.

Posted 30 January 2017

The trade imperative

A recent deal secured between Bodnant, a Welsh food centre and Trader Joe’s in the US highlights two things: the continued viewing of British based dairy as a quality product, and the importance of building bridges between countries for exports.

Posted 23 January 2017

Being good neighbours

Ireland and Northern Ireland have always shared a land border, as well as a long common history. The issue of Brexit means this porous border, which offers free flow of trade from north to south, has to be looked at.

Posted 16 January 2017

Time to get serious about leaving

Arla Food UK’s managing director Tomas Pietrangeli has posted his version of Luther’s 95 theses about Brexit, in a call to action for both the farming and the processing community in the UK.

Posted 6 January 2017

Cheese and global expansion

I spent my holiday season personally ensuring that French, Dutch and English cheese makers sold products. I did this by buying and eating loads of it, including the delightful Bermondsey hard-pressed cheese, which is made in a 100-year old vat under the arches near London Bridge.

Posted 3 January 2017

Look out, 2017 is behind you

Like a pantomime villain, 2016 is being defeated and off it goes into the sunset at the end of the week. Good things did occur, but the loss of many notables made this year a particularly painful one. Never mind. There is always 2017 and much to look forward to.

Posted 22 December 2016

Less food waste, more food sense

In this season of eating and drinking, it is timely to consider the issue of food waste. For example, Gropper Dairy in Germany has teamed up with the local government to help reduce waste at source, along with recycling and raising consumer awareness.

Posted 19 December 2016

Containing the choice

I recently encountered a woman who told me she drinks lactose-free milk and eats gluten-free foods, not because she is lactose or gluten intolerant, but because “it makes me feel better.”

Posted 12 December 2016