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Editor’s blog

Bigger and better

I’ve been in the US visiting friends and relatives this week, and enjoying the variety of weather on offer in April. Snow to start, and now it’s sunny.

Posted 9 April 2018

The search for a top person

Fonterra is a very large exporter in New Zealand, where the local market amounts amounts to around 4.7 million people and the local cows produce around 21.5 million metric tons of milk annually.

Posted 3 April 2018

An unscientific survey

Last week I was at Anuga FoodTec, a trade show in Germany, and saw three bottles for adding to drinks in the press centre first thing in the morning, before I embarked on my mad gallop around the various halls and stands.

Posted 26 March 2018

Sustainable age

Water use reduction, innovation centres and how the Swiss will improve their sustainable production were all features of last week’s news.

Posted 19 March 2018

Better in the long run

After a few fraught weeks for Müller’s home delivery system Milk & More, everything is now running smoothly again.

Posted 12 March 2018

Snow and milk delivery

It isn’t until there is snow and ice on the ground and extreme weather (particularly for a country like the UK where we are not used to it) that one appreciates the diligence of the milkman.

Posted 5 March 2018

Oh boy, obesity

We all worry about our waistlines here in the modern world. I myself spend quality time plodding down by the Thames, exercising away my continued reliance on too much of a good thing (plus, doing a bit of bird-watching. I saw two Egyptian geese there yesterday).

Posted 26 February 2018

The subject is sugar

The news that Valio is committing to reducing salt and sugar is very timely. Although it does seem to come around every few years, this year has brought with it a push from consumers, government and companies to reduce sugar and salt in products in many areas of the globe.

Posted 20 February 2018

The Olympics ideal

Ah, here it is. The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. For those of us who wait for the arrival of the Olympics every two years, these two weeks are a flurry of sporting activity of the type I would never actually try.

Posted 13 February 2018

Less hate in the world

The news that Fen Farm Dairy here in the UK has been harassed by vegans on social media is something that should give everyone pause for thought.

Posted 5 February 2018

Getting the word out

The UK’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board study that says more dairy products would be sold if more people knew about the health benefits is an important one.

Posted 29 January 2018

Tell it like it is

A news items on Radio 4 recently discussed how people’s trust in social media news has fallen, and that traditional outlets such as the BBC and newspapers are seeing a resurgent increase in trust as news sources.

Posted 22 January 2018

What’s in your waste stream?

The issue of where our waste is going is gaining ground as China refuses to take the world’s waste and burn it in a bid to clean up its own environment.

Posted 16 January 2018

Watery thoughts

I very rarely think about the water that flows from the taps at home, and where it goes after I’ve used it. I would say probably the only time I even contemplate the water use is when I get the bill every six months.

Posted 8 January 2018