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Editor’s blog

Less hate in the world

The news that Fen Farm Dairy here in the UK has been harassed by vegans on social media is something that should give everyone pause for thought.

Posted 5 February 2018

Getting the word out

The UK’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board study that says more dairy products would be sold if more people knew about the health benefits is an important one.

Posted 29 January 2018

Tell it like it is

A news items on Radio 4 recently discussed how people’s trust in social media news has fallen, and that traditional outlets such as the BBC and newspapers are seeing a resurgent increase in trust as news sources.

Posted 22 January 2018

What’s in your waste stream?

The issue of where our waste is going is gaining ground as China refuses to take the world’s waste and burn it in a bid to clean up its own environment.

Posted 16 January 2018

Watery thoughts

I very rarely think about the water that flows from the taps at home, and where it goes after I’ve used it. I would say probably the only time I even contemplate the water use is when I get the bill every six months.

Posted 8 January 2018

Climate change and cheese

Welcome to 2018! I did eat too much cheese but it was quality – Tunworth is a particularly notable one. Also had a fair bit of creamy Lancashire as I was in the neighbourhood up in Preston.

Posted 2 January 2018

The stars of dairy

It has been a very busy year here at Dairy Industries International headquarters, with a flurry of shows and events throughout the year keeping us out and about, from Nantwich to Frankfurt to Chicago.

Posted 26 December 2017

Transparency in the chain

There has been a long-standing discussion in the dairy industry about pricing and transparency.

Posted 18 December 2017

Good digestion

Anaerobic digestion is not something that rolls off the tongue and sounds like a vaguely disgusting health issue, but it is key to ensuring sustainability throughout the food chain.

Posted 11 December 2017

Unicorns are here

The advent of Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt last week was a much-needed note of cheer to round out this eventful year.

Posted 4 December 2017

Objective butter

I went to Food Matters Live last week and talked about butter. Specifically, Finnish butter, which Finland co-operative Valio is introducing early next year in the UK.

Posted 27 November 2017

What if they go on without us?

The news this week of further Brexit wrangling in Parliament, complemented by the bungling of the foreign secretary in matters dealing with a British national presently in prison in Iran, don’t really fill one with hope about how smoothly the transition to life outside the European Union will go for the United Kingdom, in light of the current government.

Posted 20 November 2017

The Advent season

Is it too early to start thinking of Christmas? Over here in the UK, we have a whole procession of events leading up to the giant gorging, er, Christmas dinner.

Posted 13 November 2017

Thinking clearly in a muddled age

Dairy conferences always give me plenty to think about and avenues to pursue, and the World Dairy Summit in Belfast, hosted by Dairy UK and the International Dairy Federation, was no different.

Posted 6 November 2017