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Editor’s blog

Our next generation

The International Dairy Federation’s (IDF) World Dairy Summit in Belfast this week will focus as part of the programme on the role of dairy in teenagers’ diets.

Posted 30 October 2017

Declaring for dairy

The UK and US have both signed the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam, which recognises the major contribution that dairy makes to countries’ economies, the essential role of dairy in a balanced diet, and the key role the industry plays in addressing environmental degradation and climate change.

Posted 23 October 2017

Exporting out of trouble

The news that the dairy arm of the UK Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board was at Anuga as part of its Great Britain pavilion comes at the same time news was released about UK inflation hitting its highest since April 2012, partly due to the higher cost of raw material imports.

Posted 17 October 2017

The cheese chain

Another weekend away and I wind up in yet another place offering cheese. This one is on the beautiful shores of Lake Orta in Northern Italy, Cusio Forgmaggi Botteghe in Pettenasco, which says, “sale and maturation of cheese and charcuterie” on its literature. The man behind the counter fed us samples of raw milk blue […]

Posted 9 October 2017

A matter of friendship

I was in Stockholm last week for the European Dairy Association’s annual conference. When I wasn’t eating cottage cheese with nuts and small dried fruits, I was listening to the European Union’s Commissioner Cecilia Malmström get quizzed by top executives from Valio, Arla, DMK and Danone.

Posted 2 October 2017

Plastic and food security

Plastic, despite the sight of islands of it floating in the Pacific Ocean, has been a great benefit to modern society – it provides us with safe, clean food in a transportable package, among its many other qualities.

Posted 25 September 2017

Leading in challenging times

Dairy UK is set to get a new chairman in the form of Paul Vernon, the CEO of Glanbia Cheese Ltd. He succeeds the very capable Dr David Dobbin in this important role, as the British dairy industry faces its most challenging years.

Posted 18 September 2017

The worlds around us

I have been editing a story on biofilms, which is set to be in the October issue of Dairy Industries International.

Posted 12 September 2017

Mountainous land of cheese

I was off on holiday last week, and went to visit Torrylin Creamery, a First Milk plant on the west side of the isle of Arran, up in Scotland.

Posted 4 September 2017

Adding value to ice cream

A Mintel report about ice cream habits in China provides me with some interesting tidbits about shopping habits in the country.

Posted 29 August 2017

Spot the cheese and collect £500

I was drinking my morning coffee last Saturday and reading the Grauniad (also known as the Guardian) when I came across Richard Clothier of Wyke Farm’s smiling visage peering out at me, from a field surrounded by cows.

Posted 21 August 2017

Getting one’s goat

Goat cheese consumption is growing globally, according to a recent report from Persistence Market Research.

Posted 14 August 2017

A global trend

Value-added drinks are becoming more popular globally, and the news from Mintel that India’s share of dairy milk introductions for flavoured milks reached 43% is just another indicator of that.

Posted 7 August 2017

A cheese experience

Those who have not been to the International Cheese Awards at Nantwich should probably go at least once to the field in Cheshire if they love cheese.

Posted 31 July 2017