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The right label in the right country

As packaging and label laws keep changing, the global regulatory affairs team at Campden BRI discussed what lies ahead for dairy processors with Dairy Industries International.

Posted 11 April 2017

Flowering Down Under

Kris Lloyd of Woodside Cheese Wrights discusses how she has made her market in South Australia with cheeses and a festival or two.

Posted 2 March 2017

Getting fortified in India

European dairy exporters may boost sales in India if mandatory fortification is introduced, says Raghavendra Verma in New Delhi.

Posted 2 February 2017

Going large in Lancashire

Lancashire Farm Dairies is a family business. It began in 1984 as Pakeeza Dairies in Rochdale, run by Ghulam Zouq, the current managing director Azhar Zouq’s father.

Posted 11 December 2016

Time for a change

Donald Moore, chairman of the Global Dairy Agenda for Action, talks with Suzanne Christiansen about where the Dairy Sustainability Framework is now.

Posted 10 October 2016

Butter feels the sales boom

A simple, natural ingredient list means that butter is back in a big way, says Julian Mellentin.

Posted 10 September 2016

From sheet to bottle

Agami, part of the Serac Group, is making plastic bottles more interesting in France and worldwide. Suzanne Christiansen reports from Trappes.

Posted 10 August 2016

Where dairy dares

An interview with Jan Maartin Vrij, chair of the Dutch organising committee of the World Dairy Summit.

Posted 19 July 2016

The low-fat fraud

Flawed sat-fat studies show it’s time for industry to campaign for change, says Julian Mellentin.

Posted 17 June 2016

A call to arms

The industry has to wake up to the threat of social media’s misinformation about dairy.

Posted 17 June 2016

Milk from happy cows

Bel Portugal is spending time and money on revamping its Terra Nostra brand in the Azores. Suzanne Christiansen reports from São Miguel.

Posted 2 June 2016

The science of dairy

The International Dairy Federation’s parallel symposia on cheese and dried products showed the results of latest research. Suzanne Christiansen reports.

Posted 2 May 2016