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US court grants request to stop ads from Arla

On 15 June a US district court in Green Bay, US granted pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly’s request to halt the continuation of dairy co-operative Arla Foods’ advertising related to the use of the synthetic growth hormone rBST.

Posted 20 June 2017

More than UK 150,000 farmers in co-ops

The number of farmers who are members of agricultural co-operatives has increased to over 150,000, according to the UK co-operative economy 2017 report, which attributes the rise to people wanting to have more control over their economy and to have their voices heard.

Posted 20 June 2017

Brexit dairy offers: harsh realities short term, OPEC long-term

Interim findings from Trehane Fellowship study, ‘Identifying a Strategy for the UK Dairy Industry Post-Brexit’ suggest the dairy sector will face harsh realities in the short term after leaving the EU, but could gain significant opportunities from the need for supply chains to work together and from internationalising the industry’s focus.

Posted 20 June 2017

Vegetarians take issue with ECJ ruling on dairy

According to VEBU, more consumers are choosing plant food for various reasons. Alternatives to milk and dairy products have arrived in the middle of society and occupy a permanent place in the gastronomy and retail trade.

Posted 20 June 2017

Butter goes up in Germany

In Germany, the butter prices have, after an increase in May, seen sharp increases again at the beginning of June.

Posted 20 June 2017

EU court prevents plant foods being marketed as dairy

German dairy association Verband Sozialer Wettbewerb asked the EU Court of Justice to interpret relevant legislation on the promotion of plant-based products with the labels, “cheese, cream, butter, yogurt and milk.”

Posted 14 June 2017

Tims Dairy wins UK accolade

Tims Dairy has been voted Family Business of the Year 2017 in this year’s awards for the London and South-East region.

Posted 13 June 2017

Second milk summit in Germany

A year after the first milk summit in Germany, the federal minister of agriculture Christian Schmidt (pictured) invited the trade for a second milk summit.

Posted 13 June 2017

Zott in Vietnam

German dairy Zott has taken over its long-standing Vietnamese importer and distributor Delys through the newly founded company Zott Vietnam Company Limited.

Posted 13 June 2017

Dairy UK statement on election result

On the results of the UK general election, Dr Judith Bryans, chief executive of Dairy UK, comments, “The general election result has added a further dimension of uncertainty to the situation…

Posted 9 June 2017

Listeria threatens Hispanic-style cheese market in US

Dairy foods are linked to almost one quarter of infections caused by the food-borne pathogen, Listeria monocytogenes, accounting for over $700 million (€623.9m) in annual healthcare costs in the US.

Posted 7 June 2017