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Irish dairy props up export numbers

Meat and dairy exports from Ireland both saw significant growth, which helped to offset negative and flat growth from other categories such as fish, fruit and vegetables and animal feed, according to preliminary figures from the Central Statistics Office.

Posted 17 May 2018

Triple cream cheese from Northern Irish dairy farm

A farmhouse triple cream cheese has been developed by Ballylisk Dairies in county Armagh, Northern Ireland. Ballylisk Triple Cream Cheese is said to be made from pasteurised cow’s milk sourced entirely from its own herd.

Posted 16 May 2018

EU agricultural committee votes on CAP

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) measures are of great importance to the functioning of the dairy chain and for the whole dairy industry present in all EU member states.

Posted 15 May 2018

Generation change at Meggle

The trio of Marcus Hormuth, Matthias Oettel and Stefan Schmale have joined the board of German dairy Meggle, as part of a generation change.

Posted 14 May 2018

FrieslandCampina gets EU approval and GRAS status

FrieslandCampina DOMO’s new human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) ingredient, 2’-fucosyllactose (2’-FL), has been officially certified to be used in infant formula in both European and US markets.

Posted 11 May 2018

Harmonised standards vital to dairy’s global success

Delegates at the International Dairy Federation (IDF)/Organisation for International Standardisation (ISO) Analytical Week in Dublin, Ireland, were told last week that the global dairy sector must continue its efforts to harmonise methods of analysis and sampling for milk products if trade in dairy products is to continue to thrive.

Posted 8 May 2018

Fresh cheese sales up in Switzerland

Around 96,891 tonnes (+1.3 %) more cheese was sold in the Swiss retail trade last year than in 2016, according to the BLW Market Analysis Department in its latest Milk Market Report.

Posted 4 May 2018

Austrian hay milk market hotting up

According to a Dentsu study in which 1,822 Austrians between the ages of 15 and 64 were interviewed, Austrian hay milk is well known and in demand.

Posted 3 May 2018

EEX goes liquid in August

The European Energy Exchange (EEX), a commodity futures exchange, is expanding its trade in dairy products with a liquid milk future contract starting 15 August.

Posted 2 May 2018