Optimism at Frischpack

While the dairy sector in general talks about economic problems, the German cheese supplier Frischpack has an optimistic focus on investments to stay competitive. “We want to grow purposefully and strategically smart and remain a technology leader,” states Marian Heinz, CEO of the Frischpack Group (right in photo). “Our focus is clearly on our tailor-made services for all our target groups.”

Frischpack and its subsidiary Baackes & Heimes in Viersen, acquired in summer 2017, processed more than 60,000 tons of cheese in 2017, an increase of 2,000 tons over 2016. The growth rate was 3% higher than that of the cheese industry as a whole and the annual turnover amounted to more than €250 million.

The new corporate image of Frischpack is a positive signal, both in terms of the market and the employees: a logical and consistent step in the development towards an internationally active group of companies, the company says.

Currently both company locations, Mailling and Viersen, are being optimised. For this purpose. The group is investing a total of around €15 million in 2018, including a fully automated facility for the production of cheese slices and cheese platters in Viersen, which is unique in the cheese industry in Europe, it notes.

The technical upgrade will also support expansion into selected European markets, and key markets for this will be explored this year.  Horst Luchtefeld, operations manager at Frischpack (left in photo), says, “It is important to ensure optimum technology and the most efficient processes at both locations. This results in synergy, which we want to optimise.”

In order to be positioned for the customer’s requirements, Frischpack hired qualified specialists to assist. Frischpack expanded its range of training occupations at the Mailling location in 2017 to include machine and plant operators. The company will also invest in environmental protection measures and occupational safety this year. It is also undergoing an energy and environmental audit, as well as certification in various occupational safety projects.

Numerous measures are being taken in the field of environmental protection. For example, Frischpack is installing photovoltaic systems in Mailling and testing the possibilities of combined heat and power generation and heat recovery. The plan also includes improved thermal insulation and the use of environmentally neutral refrigerants in coolant systems.

To keep up with the times the company will come up with a variety of cheese plates and cold cuts from Baackes & Heimes for food retailers. Cheddar remains a successful ingredient for creative street food creations such as sliders or poutine fries.

“We have our ear close to our customers to capture their needs and wishes. And we continue our intensive and united efforts to become Europe’s most relevant cheese processor,” emphasises Heinz.

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