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These are all the posts that have been tagged with Arla.

Tetra Pak standardiser assists Arla Foods

Producing standard white milk is a low margin business. It is vital to produce milk with optimal fat content to get the most out of every drop of milk. That is why the standardisation of milk is such an indispensable process.

Co-operative group starts work in Germany

Germany’s new dairy cooperative interest group IGM started its work in mid-February and the first subjects to be discussed were market volatility and animal welfare.

Arla investing in Upahl yogurt plant

Arla Foods will invest approximately €19 million at its German Upahl plant this year, which will bring the total investment in the site to €70 million over the last three years.

Not just for breakfast

We have been consuming less milk in the house, while at the same time increasing intake of Greek-style yogurt. This is due to the small child developing a keen interest in “yogurt pots,” as they are known.

Arla enters FReSH initiative

Arla has teamed up with a number of partners to launch the ‘Food Reform for Sustainability and Health’ (FReSH) programme.

Time to get serious about leaving

Arla Food UK’s managing director Tomas Pietrangeli has posted his version of Luther’s 95 theses about Brexit, in a call to action for both the farming and the processing community in the UK.