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These are all the posts that have been tagged with butter.

Look out, 2017 is behind you

Like a pantomime villain, 2016 is being defeated and off it goes into the sunset at the end of the week. Good things did occur, but the loss of many notables made this year a particularly painful one. Never mind. There is always 2017 and much to look forward to.

Supply drop starts to bite, says Rabobank

Milk supply from dairy export regions has fallen sharply, by 2.6m tonnes in the second half of 2016, with milk volumes from Oceania and Europe severely challenged, according to agricultural bank Rabobank’s Dairy Quarterly Q4 2016 report.

Cream crisis for UK Christmas?

Seems the British public is rediscovering its love for cream. In fat terms, over the last 12 months, sales of potted cream at retail level represented around 31% of the total disappearance of cream in the UK.

Expansion for Berglandmilch

Berglandmilch in Aschbach Markt is the largest dairy in Austria and has been extended by a new logistics centre.

Goat products on the go in Europe

Goat cheese enjoys a long tradition in many countries, according to Julia Büch, food and drink analyst at Mintel. But today, goat cheese trails distantly behind cow’s milk cheese in most of the Western world.

Production declines and MIV says revenues rising

“The market is working and responding. The amount of milk has declined and after a long time the milk market is finally moving up again,” says chairman Peter Stahl at the German Dairy Industry Association’s (MIV) annual meeting in Berlin.

EU predicts price recovery for dairy

The European Commission says EU milk supply growth slowed down and EU milk deliveries are expected to be below last year in the second half of 2016.