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These are all the posts that have been tagged with cheese.

DMK reorganises

Deutsches Milchkontor (DMK) has started it its comprehensive organisational and business reorientation. The employees representatives agreed to the plans at after several months’ discussion.

Stinking Bishop launches bid to become Easter cheese

Award winning British cheese Stinking Bishop has launched a bid to be known as the Easter cheese with a full scale promotional campaign being run through its network of stockists, specialist delicatessens and cheese shops.

My five minutes of fame

Looking at myself wittering on about cheese on the episode of The Farmers’ Country Showdown on BBC1 last week, I thought, I wish I’d combed my hair before they started filming. And boy, do I get red when put under any public gaze.

OMSCo responds to free range

The Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo), which represents 65% of the UK’s organic milk pool, is keen to raise awareness that consumers have always had an ‘active choice’ when it comes to supporting a pasture-based farming systems and buying ‘free range’ milk.

Flowering Down Under

Kris Lloyd of Woodside Cheese Wrights discusses how she has made her market in South Australia with cheeses and a festival or two.

French veggies opt for cheese, Mintel says

The rise in vegetarians and so-called flexitarians – occasional vegetarians who reduce meat consumption because of health, animal welfare or environmental issues – is translating into specific opportunities in cheese aisles across France with cheese emerging as a popular replacement for meat, according to Caroline Roux, an analyst for Mintel.

Not just for breakfast

We have been consuming less milk in the house, while at the same time increasing intake of Greek-style yogurt. This is due to the small child developing a keen interest in “yogurt pots,” as they are known.