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These are all the posts that have been tagged with china.

What World Milk Day means

Another World Milk Day has been and gone on 1 June, and a large selection of celebrations were underway globally, ranging from sports to schools.

The new craft brews

It had to happen in the US. Having spent 20 years turning the American beer scene into a plethora of good beer options, the artisanal cheese market is booming, with various milk cheeses from around the country showing up in the suburbs.

The search for a top person

Fonterra is a very large exporter in New Zealand, where the local market amounts amounts to around 4.7 million people and the local cows produce around 21.5 million metric tons of milk annually.

Austria reports positive outlook

“Foreign trade for the Austrian dairy industry in 2017 showed a pleasing development. Particularly towards the end of the year, exports of Austrian dairy products could be significantly increased,” according to the president of the Association of Austrian milk processors (VÖM) Helmut Petschar.

Tailored to fit

Tetra Pak has launched Intelligent Customisation, a modular portfolio of heating systems.