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These are all the posts that have been tagged with Coca-Cola.

Uszko CEO at Müller Germany

Theo Müller Group in Germany has appointed Frank Uszko as CEO of the German business unit for Müller as of 1 February. He is responsible in Germany for the dairy brands Müller and Weihenstephan.

The sugar rush

Sugar is in the news quite a lot recently, as the world tries to get to grips with a global obesity epidemic and the rising cost of diabetes to national health services.

Looking for the signposts

The next place for Europe’s milk was the subject at the European Dairy Association’s World Dairy Forum in Edinburgh. Suzanne Christiansen reports.

The battle commences

In an era where liquid milk consumption is declining in most mature economies, the move is on to make liquid milk itself have added value. For example, Dean Foods in the US has introduced DairyPure, which it hopes will develop nationally into a trusted, go-to brand for American consumers. Others, like Coca-Cola, have gone down […]

Dairy big winner in food trends for 2015

Marketing products that have naturally functional ingredients and benefits remains the ‘king of trends’, according to the new trend forecast for 2015 from New Nutrition Business. “Naturally functional is an innovation strategy and it is behind many of the biggest successes such as water and almonds,” says Julian Mellentin, author of 10 Key Trends in […]

Enter the giants

Validation of the high-growth health opportunity for dairy is coming from Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, says Julian Melletin.

Dairy travels

First Milk of Scotland has secured a deal to distribute its cheeses in Texas, but it is far from the first to convey its products widely. The recent World Cheese Awards was a veritable United Nations of cheese, and now Coca-Cola has entered the dairy market with its new product, Fairlife. Once you get the […]

Coca-Cola to launch Fairlife milk

The milk product is made on a sustainable dairy with fully sustainable high care processes with animals, has a proprietary milk filtering process that allows you to increase protein by 50% and take sugar down by 30%.

Why new functional products fail

Relying too much on a health benefit to differentiate a new food or beverage is the most common reason for failure in functional foods and beverages, reveals a new report from New Nutrition Business. “Surprisingly often, companies make the health benefit the sole point of difference for the product, undervaluing key factors such as convenience. […]

Tetra Pak goes all bio in Brazil

Packaging giant Tetra Pak says that all of the packages it produces in Brazil are now using bio-based low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Combined with paperboard, the use of bio-based LDPE made from sugar cane increases the content of materials from renewable sources to as much as 82% in a Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000ml Base package. In February Coca-Cola Brazil became […]

Coca-Cola India launches Maaza Milky nationwide

Coca-Cola India has launched the dairy-based version of its Maaza mango drink, Maaza Milky Delite, nationwide. The 200ml Tetra Slim Pack is priced at Rs 15 (€0.17) and was introduced in Kolkata via the tagline, “Sharing Not Possible.” Around 3,000 retail outlets in the city were the test market and the product was reformulated so as to not need […]