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These are all the posts that have been tagged with cows.

A cheese experience

Those who have not been to the International Cheese Awards at Nantwich should probably go at least once to the field in Cheshire if they love cheese.

Plants on the march

Faced with unstoppable change, sometimes innovation and risk-taking is the only path that’s available.

The case for milk

Dr Mike Lewis of Reading University in the UK provides compelling arguments for dairy products.

Catching the consumer’s eye

Arla Foods in the UK has launched a new campaign for its brands that focuses on the commuter market and encourages people to “Eat Monday for Breakfast.”

OMSCo responds to free range

The Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo), which represents 65% of the UK’s organic milk pool, is keen to raise awareness that consumers have always had an ‘active choice’ when it comes to supporting a pasture-based farming systems and buying ‘free range’ milk.

Fonterra’s NZMP brand makes its mark in the US

NZMP’s New Zealand origins, trusted name and reputation are paying dividends in the US market, as consumers increasingly turn to brands that offer high quality, safe and nutritious food from trusted sources.

Fonterra produces white butter for Middle East

Fonterra’s research and development centre, alongside its global ingredients business NZMP, has developed a new white butter product to meet growing demand from manufacturers in the Middle East market.

Cheese debate is grate, says Innovative Farmers

The UK Grate Cheese Debate hosted by Innovative Farmers brought together farmers attending the Oxford Farming Conference and Oxford Real Farming Conference, by asking, how do different farming systems offer the taste of cheese and what do they offer the future of dairying?

Mazoon goes large in Oman

Mazoon Dairy of Oman has awarded a contract for a dairy project in Buraimi, which will produce 202 million litres of milk by 2026, from 25,000 cows and using a fully automated milking parlour.