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dairy uk

These are all the posts that have been tagged with dairy uk.

Dairy UK responds to Eating Better report

Dairy UK has said that the environmental and nutritional contribution of the dairy sector has been willfully misrepresented following the publication of a report urging reduced consumption of dairy products.

Tell it like it is

A news items on Radio 4 recently discussed how people’s trust in social media news has fallen, and that traditional outlets such as the BBC and newspapers are seeing a resurgent increase in trust as news sources.

Climate change and cheese

Welcome to 2018! I did eat too much cheese but it was quality – Tunworth is a particularly notable one. Also had a fair bit of creamy Lancashire as I was in the neighbourhood up in Preston.

UK dairy shows energy efficiency

Recently published results from the Environment Agency in the Climate Change Agreement biennial progress report show that the dairy sector has achieved an 18.05% energy efficiency improvement since 2008.

The stars of dairy

It has been a very busy year here at Dairy Industries International headquarters, with a flurry of shows and events throughout the year keeping us out and about, from Nantwich to Frankfurt to Chicago.

Wholesome affairs in the UK

The Dairy Market Development Forum, made up of Dairy UK and AHDB, has launched a campaign to remind people of their love of dairy.

Thinking clearly in a muddled age

Dairy conferences always give me plenty to think about and avenues to pursue, and the World Dairy Summit in Belfast, hosted by Dairy UK and the International Dairy Federation, was no different.