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These are all the posts that have been tagged with emmi.

Emmi buys US goat milk firm

Swiss dairy group Emmi is continuing its niche strategy and has now acquired the US-based goat milk producer Jackson-Mitchell (also known as Meyenberg).

Emmi reports slight profit

Swiss dairy group Emmi reached CHF 1.594 billion (€1.4bn) in sales, an increase of 2.0% (-0.7% organic) in the first half of 2016, compared to the same period last year.

People moves at Emmi

Robert Muri (65), Emmi executive vice president (head of the Swiss division) will retire at the end of 2016. His duties will be taken over by Marc Heim (48), now executive vice president Europe (head of the European division).

Swiss market under stress

The Swiss milk market is in crisis, according to the country’s Farmers’ Association, which notes the price of milk has not been so low in 50 years.

Emmi launches coffee campaign

Emmi is breaking new ground with a £3m (€3.8m) marketing campaign full of industry ‘firsts’ for its on-the-go cold coffee, Emmi Caffé Latte.

Emmi offers bonus for less milk

Emmi is introducing a system inspired by the Dutch dairy Friesland Campina. In a letter to its suppliers, Swiss dairy Emmi announced that a decrease in milk supplied, compared to the previous month will be paid with a bonus of 10 rappen per kilo.

Goat is growing

Although the dairy market is largely made up worldwide of cow milk, there is also significant trade in “alternative” milks, such as sheep, goat, camel and even donkey.

Emmi buys Bettinehoeve

The Swiss dairy group Emmi acquired a holding of 60% of the Dutch company Bettinehoeve, which is the largest producer of fresh and ripened goat cheese in the Benelux countries.

Emmi expands to niche markets

Emmi is keen to achieve international growth in attractive niches, one of which is goat’s milk products, which are becoming increasingly popular.