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These are all the posts that have been tagged with france.

Containing the choice

I recently encountered a woman who told me she drinks lactose-free milk and eats gluten-free foods, not because she is lactose or gluten intolerant, but because “it makes me feel better.”

Boucas CEO at Sodiaal Group

The Sodiaal Group has appointed Jorge Boucas as chief executive officer of the Sodiaal Group. He will take up his duties as of 1 February 2017.

Who is to blame

It is a measure of the stress the agricultural and dairy industries have been under during the past two years, when I witnessed a dustup between EU Agriculture Minister Phil Hogan and Hochland’s CEO Peter Stahl at the European Dairy Association’s Annual Congress in Nice, France.

Kraftkar crowned World Champion Cheese 2016

Kraftkar has scooped the coveted title of World Champion Cheese at the 29th annual World Cheese Awards, coming top among a record number of entries that were judged at the Kursaal Congress Centre in San Sebastián, during the first day of the International Cheese Festival.

In the same boat

To say it has been an eventful week is an understatement. I am not sure I’ve seen so many people react in such an emotional way to world events.

Goat products on the go in Europe

Goat cheese enjoys a long tradition in many countries, according to Julia Büch, food and drink analyst at Mintel. But today, goat cheese trails distantly behind cow’s milk cheese in most of the Western world.

Emmi reports slight profit

Swiss dairy group Emmi reached CHF 1.594 billion (€1.4bn) in sales, an increase of 2.0% (-0.7% organic) in the first half of 2016, compared to the same period last year.

Europe’s choice

Travelling in France last week, I was reminded of the diversity and energy of the dairy industry, despite the ongoing woes of low prices.

From sheet to bottle

Agami, part of the Serac Group, is making plastic bottles more interesting in France and worldwide. Suzanne Christiansen reports from Trappes.

The low-fat fraud

Flawed sat-fat studies show it’s time for industry to campaign for change, says Julian Mellentin.

A call to arms

The industry has to wake up to the threat of social media’s misinformation about dairy.