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milk powder

These are all the posts that have been tagged with milk powder.

Second milk summit in Germany

A year after the first milk summit in Germany, the federal minister of agriculture Christian Schmidt (pictured) invited the trade for a second milk summit.

The case for milk

Dr Mike Lewis of Reading University in the UK provides compelling arguments for dairy products.

Fonterra reopens Malaysia dairy plant after upgrade

Fonterra has reopened the doors to its milk powder manufacturing plant in Malaysia following a NZD$7 million ($4.8m) investment to boost manufacturing efficiencies and ensure that it continues to meet health and safety and food safety and quality standards.

Dairy excellent source of protein, say researchers

All dairy proteins tested in a recent study met Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) standards as excellent/high-quality sources of protein for people six months of age or older, with DIAAS values of 100 or greater, according to the researchers at the University of Illinois.

Prices improve for milk ingredients

A better balance between supply and demand over the last year has improved prices, despite the build-up of EU intervention stocks in 2016, says a new report on milk ingredients from 3A Business Consulting.

Joint venture for Heritage

Heritage Foods Limited of India is in the process of entering into a joint venture with a European dairy firm for manufacturing and marketing yogurt in India, according to its executive director Bahmani Nara.

Omira develops ProSweets roadshow

German dairy Omira has introduced its latest development in milk powder, Pro Sweets. Omira has been producing the MinusL brand of lactose-free products for more than 15 years.

Emmi buys US goat milk firm

Swiss dairy group Emmi is continuing its niche strategy and has now acquired the US-based goat milk producer Jackson-Mitchell (also known as Meyenberg).

Production declines and MIV says revenues rising

“The market is working and responding. The amount of milk has declined and after a long time the milk market is finally moving up again,” says chairman Peter Stahl at the German Dairy Industry Association’s (MIV) annual meeting in Berlin.