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These are all the posts that have been tagged with milk.

Vegetarians take issue with ECJ ruling on dairy

According to VEBU, more consumers are choosing plant food for various reasons. Alternatives to milk and dairy products have arrived in the middle of society and occupy a permanent place in the gastronomy and retail trade.

Signs of the times

The International Farm Comparison Network has been busy analysing the world’s dairy prices, and concluded that the milk price recovery is well underway now.

EU court prevents plant foods being marketed as dairy

German dairy association Verband Sozialer Wettbewerb asked the EU Court of Justice to interpret relevant legislation on the promotion of plant-based products with the labels, “cheese, cream, butter, yogurt and milk.”

Second milk summit in Germany

A year after the first milk summit in Germany, the federal minister of agriculture Christian Schmidt (pictured) invited the trade for a second milk summit.

The Dairy Council hits the road in UK

The Dairy Council has announced the launch of a month long roadshow in cities across the UK, which will showcase the latest research and insights on dairy, nutrition and health.

Organic Milk in Ukraine packages in PET

Organic Milk, a closed production cycle organic dairy plant in Ukraine, has been supplied by PET Technologies with an APF-3002 PET blow moulding machine. The company also produced two sets of moulds for various bottle volumes.