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These are all the posts that have been tagged with packaging.

Going large in Lancashire

Lancashire Farm Dairies is a family business. It began in 1984 as Pakeeza Dairies in Rochdale, run by Ghulam Zouq, the current managing director Azhar Zouq’s father.

December 2016

Dairy beverages Weighing & Detection Coding & Labelling Bagging & Powder Packaging 2017 Wall Planner

Goat products on the go in Europe

Goat cheese enjoys a long tradition in many countries, according to Julia Büch, food and drink analyst at Mintel. But today, goat cheese trails distantly behind cow’s milk cheese in most of the Western world.

Supply and demand

The announcement that Unilever and Tesco are engaged in a tussle over whether to increase the price of Marmite or not shows the depth of the international aspect of British companies.

Marcel Gabriel

Marcel Gabriel, maker of Stärnächäs cheese, Schollrüti Käserei, Switzerland.

September 2016

Packaging Process Automation Ice Cream Supplier Profiles Show issue: IDF World Dairy Summit, Netherlands; PPMA Total Show, UK

From sheet to bottle

Agami, part of the Serac Group, is making plastic bottles more interesting in France and worldwide. Suzanne Christiansen reports from Trappes.

Greek yogurt dispute

In Austria the association for consumer protection VKI (Verein für Konsumentschutz) has brought an injunction against Danone due to the presentation of the yogurt “Oikos Greek”.

The vote that counts

Next week, the International Cheese Awards at Nantwich will be in a British field in Cheshire, with a record-breaking 5,000 cheeses to judge.

August 2016

Functional Ingredients Cleaning Filling & Packaging Europe Focus