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These are all the posts that have been tagged with yogurt.

Look out, 2017 is behind you

Like a pantomime villain, 2016 is being defeated and off it goes into the sunset at the end of the week. Good things did occur, but the loss of many notables made this year a particularly painful one. Never mind. There is always 2017 and much to look forward to.

Less food waste, more food sense

In this season of eating and drinking, it is timely to consider the issue of food waste. For example, Gropper Dairy in Germany has teamed up with the local government to help reduce waste at source, along with recycling and raising consumer awareness.

Going large in Lancashire

Lancashire Farm Dairies is a family business. It began in 1984 as Pakeeza Dairies in Rochdale, run by Ghulam Zouq, the current managing director Azhar Zouq’s father.

Ornua adds to German business

Ornua, an exporter of Irish dairy products, is further expanding its German business, with the commencement of a €10 million extension of its production facility in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Dusseldorf.

Expansion for Berglandmilch

Berglandmilch in Aschbach Markt is the largest dairy in Austria and has been extended by a new logistics centre.

Müller announces restructuring plans

Proposals designed to secure a sustainable and vibrant future for Britain’s biggest fresh milk and ingredients business have been confirmed by Müller Milk & Ingredients (MMI).

Goat products on the go in Europe

Goat cheese enjoys a long tradition in many countries, according to Julia Büch, food and drink analyst at Mintel. But today, goat cheese trails distantly behind cow’s milk cheese in most of the Western world.

Part of the one billion

While you’re busy eating your yogurt or cheese or perhaps enjoying a glass of milk, put these impressive figures into your thoughts, courtesy of the United Nations and most recently noted at the International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit at Rotterdam.

Supply and demand

The announcement that Unilever and Tesco are engaged in a tussle over whether to increase the price of Marmite or not shows the depth of the international aspect of British companies.

Chr Hansen buys LGG from Valio

Supplier of probiotics Chr Hansen has strengthened its microbial platform across all three of its categories, through the acquisition of the LGG business from Valio of Finland.

Müller prepares for 2020

Dairy has the potential to be the grocery sector’s engine for growth for the foreseeable future with consumers, customers and farmers all set to benefit, according to Müller.

Dairy is vital to performance nutrition

Olympians Goldie Sayers and Philip Hindes joined nutrition experts at the Olympic velodrome track in the UK to discuss the role of dairy in performance nutrition.