Berglandmilch moves to glass

In cooperation with environmental protection organisation Greenpeace, Austrian Berglandmilch dairy will deliver its milk in refillable one-litre glass bottles by the end of the year.
The joint message is that this conserves resources and protects the climate. Greenpeace sees reusable as the only solution to reduce packaging waste in beverages and to combat the plastic crisis.
“As the largest dairy in Austria, we want to become a pioneer in terms of climate protection. Supported by Greenpeace, we are therefore switching to reusable milk bottles this year. As a result, a single returnable bottle replaces eleven disposable glass bottles, so we only need a fraction of the same amount of packaging for the same amount of packaging,” explains Josef Braunshofer, managing director of Berglandmilch.
Around a year ago Berglandmilch launched milk in disposable bottles. In order to convert the production of milk bottles to reusable, the dairy is investing around €8 million at its locations in Aschbach in Lower Austria and in Wörgl in Tyrol. The money will be used for an additional glass bottling line, a bottle wash at the Aschbach site and for storage of glass bottles.
“By the end of 2019 we will be offering our successful glass milk bottle exclusively as a returnable bottle. In order to keep the transport routes as short as possible we will be bottling drinking milk both in Lower Austria and in Tyrol,” Braunshofer says.
“To make reusable strong again in Austria, it needs companies like Berglandmilch, which proceed with courageous steps. The supermarkets have to move in and put the new refillable bottle on their shelves,” Greenpeace CEO Alexander Egit adds.
According to a survey commissioned by Greenpeace, more than three quarters of Austrians are in favour of more refillable, returnable bottles in domestic supermarkets.

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