A happy race to zero

Palsgaard recently brought several trade journalists out to its beautiful headquarters in rural Denmark to announce that its six manufacturing sites globally had achieved zero net carbon emissions. Seeing as how so many other things politically have been racing to the bottom, this is a welcome reminder that in reality, the drive to reduce our carbon footprints on this fragile planet we all share, is the only one that counts. It is quite an achievement and the firm is justifiably proud of its hard work on this matter.

Elopak is similarly working to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, and this is merely this week’s announcement. I suspect we will see a great many more companies continue to act to try and reduce their impacts on the environment, and to set themselves goals in order to achieve this. Meanwhile, on a national scale, the UK has set its carbon emissions target for zero by 2050.

It may be about what the trends are, and what consumers demand, but we are all consumers here. We all consume foods and there’s not much any of us can do about that. Therefore, having our suppliers throughout the chain take steps so that their manufacturing processes have less impact on the less is a good thing. Having the governments of the planet aim for net zero carbon output is positive.

As we all look at the eternal heating globally, there is nobody living that does not have a stake in the outcome, as David Attenborough keeps wisely pointing out. We have not colonised another planet and are unlikely to do so in the near future. Thus, we must ensure that our communal home survives. It is really the only option for us.

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