Cheese is still popular

As a recent visit to the IFE showed, what people are continuing to do is eat cheese. The UK’s biggest plans for export are in the cheese sector. In a way, cheese has always been a travelling food. It can be stored for months, and still tastes delicious. It is nutritious and filling.


Our environment, ourselves

Here in the UK, it was the long weekend we get for Easter holidays, which really means it’s about being outdoors and gardening.

The science of yogurt

Last week, Samantha Bull and I decamped to Weston Super Mare on the Somerset coast to visit Food Works SW, a centre with food business units and development kitchens, and to listen to eight presentations on yogurt and fermented creams at the SDT Spring Conference.


Tern tables and social networks

Our International Cheese and Dairy Expo is happening on 27 June at Staffordshire County Showground. It will be a place of gathering and meeting up, both of old and new friends. It is free to attend, so come along and socialise and look at equipment and products that are central to our industry.

At the hub of the matter

The International Dairy Federation launched its Women in Dairy Knowledge Hub, an initiative aimed at providing resources and fostering collaboration for Women Empowerment in the global dairy sector, on International Women’s Day, which was Friday 8 March.


Springtime is here

Something to look forward to in spring is the abundance of seminars and symposiums coming up, ranging from Anuga FoodTec to SDT’s Spring Conference, to Dairy Innovation Strategies, the latter of which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.


The mechanics of dairy

The need for new equipment comes as the industry works to provide consumers with what they want: great tasting dairy products that are both good for a person, and provide all the taste and nutrients that we expect from dairy.


Spring is coming

This weekend was unseasonably warm, the flowers were up, and so the allotment was the place to go.

History and our industry

The dairy industry has a long and rich history of providing food across the globe, and the farmers’ current protests highlight the need for that fact to be more appreciated in our society.

Dairy Industries International