What is in a name

The European Union plans in its post-2020 renegotiation of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), to include an amendment to EU regulations on a common market organisation for agricultural products, which includes restricting the name use of vegan and vegetarian products.

We are all eating mozzarella

I put out a cheeseboard at a party this weekend and it was demolished. The cheddar, manchego, brie, goat cheese and aged gouda was cleared, as was the mass of bread and oatcakes. I also put out some homemade membrillo (quince paste), which was also duly gobbled up.

Doing a rain dance

My computer is acting up, and I am watching the rainbow wheel spin around. However, I have been trying to be a bit more sanguine about most things, and I guess this is another opportunity to ponder while the desktop restarts.

More cheese please

The news that Arla Foods has inaugurated a cheese production site in the Kingdom of Bahrain to support the increasing demands for dairy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) comes as no surprise.

Loving the domestic

The European Dairy Association’s annual policy conference always provides a lot of food for thought, and this year was no exception.

Colours in nature

Had some very nice aged Gouda that I picked up at Schiphol last week when visiting the colouring foods fields of the Netherlands and Germany.

Taking back the narrative

I have been travelling a bit this month, and one of the themes has been taking back the dairy narrative from the people who seem to think 10,000 years of history and farming, plus science, count for nothing when looking at whether or not to eat dairy as a human.

Where dairy was born

Istanbul is a vast city, and the 1,300 attendees at the IDF World Dairy Summit may have been just a drop in its 14.6 million inhabitants for the last week.

Welcome back and skills sets

First off I wanted to welcome our own Samantha Bull back to the dairy herd here at Dairy Industries International this week as our advertising sales manager.

Our common heritage

By the time this is published we may have had something else dramatic happen here in the UK, but I for one am happy that Boris is being reined in by the responsible members of his party and the opposition for now.

A comfortable dysfunction

I don’t usually agree with Jeremy Clarkson, although I always liked him on Top Gear and he brings a bit of sass to Who Wants to be a Millionaire? But his Sunday Times column is sometimes another episode of middle aged man whines about…

Snackification summer

It is the last of the lazy days of summer, and instead of eating real meals I am leaning on salads and other easy to manage foods.

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