Making new friends and keeping old ones

There was news from Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that Britain will be welcome to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership after its departure from the European Union.

The sweetness of yogurts

The news that a study in the British Medical Journal is being used to highlight the amount of sugar in yogurts is no surprise.

Good judgement

I spent a decent portion of my week last week eating and tasting cheese. First stop was the Speciality & Fine Food Fair at Olympia, where I ate blue goat cheese and cheddar with rum-soaked figs inclusions.


The expansion of opportunity

The news that Italian dairy concern Granarolo has availed itself of an EU programme to expand its products to different areas of the world, and the news that Fonterra is embarking on joint ventures in India, should probably give Brexiteers pause.

Our hot planet

In this European heatwave, it is probably not advisable to be reading up on how 30 years ago we were all warned about global warming, but sometimes these long reads land on my smartphone and suddenly I am engrossed on my settee, eating ice cream and peering at the tiny screen.