If it’s unsafe, it’s not food

One of the things we take for granted in the world is food safety. Estimates are that one in ten people are getting sick from an ailment caused by their food, but this safety is currently neither measured nor managed.

Awards and truffles

The International Cheese and Dairy Awards promises to be like a global holiday for foodies, with James Martin as Father Christmas.

Moving small scale centre stage

The United Nations Food Systems pre-Summit is going on this week (26-28 July) in Rome and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is hosting several events, including Bold Actions for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Food Systems with IFAD Goodwill Ambassador Sabrina Elba.

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On cheese tasting and Covid-19

Trying to stay safe in a country where the infection rate is rising, while the whole country is opening up, remains tricky. However, it does not preclude going to a cheese tasting in a safe environment. The thrill of seeing people in person was real.

It’s coming to Rome

There was a little matter of a football game to be played last night, and the result was that Italy won on penalties against England. Fish and chips can’t compete with the wonder that is pizza…

Our healthy outlook

I would say my activity levels have increased over the duration of the pandemic, and it seems I am not alone. Beneo has done some research across Europe and the pandemic has shifted consumers’ views towards their health across the globe.


Looking at the future

The news that Danish dairy co-operative Arla is building a commercial dairy farm in Nigeria, where it will also train 1,000 farmers to help supply the giant nation with dairy products, is a good one. In a way, this is always what dairy is about. Feeding people nutritiously, at low cost, and giving them a livelihood.

The price of peas

Pea protein is cheap and has a global supply chain. We can all agree on that. However, it might not be as good for people to drink as a replacement for dairy milk, as the multinational companies that are promoting it claim.


World Milk Day 2021

Now in its 22nd year, World Milk Day aims to help create a positive stream of conversation and generally display how much we all love milk. This year, the theme will focus on Sustainability in the dairy sector, with messages around the environment, nutrition and socio-economics.

Celebrating the bubble

What a difference a year makes. This weekend, we all went to a literal bubble to have afternoon tea in Greenwich.

The critical pieces

Sustainability continues to be a top priority globally, so the way milk is produced is becoming as important as the products made from them. Normally we don’t discuss up the supply chain too much on the blog, but a couple of supply-related events caught my eye this week.

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