Football, football, Expo!

Well, England’s Lionesses did not bring home their World Cup in football from Sydney, but we’re excited anyway, as it is about six weeks until our inaugural Dairy Industries Expo in Harrogate.

Calling all cheese lovers

The rise of countries such as China and India is anticipated to drive the global cheese market in the coming years, according to market analysts Research and Markets

The global reach of dairy processing

The news that Tetra Pak plans to begin a dairy processing task force joint coalition, to pull together participants from across the dairy sector to improve approaches to decarbonisation, is a welcome addition to the ongoing global Pathways to Dairy Net Zero Initiative.

Shop local, think global

A weekend trip to Herne Bay in Kent reminded me that we the people are responsible for the smaller businesses.

The burning Mediterranean (or, your country here)

The news here in the UK is filled with the fires on Rhodes (and now Corfu), and its implications for the tourist trade, which finances a lot of the Greek islands and southern countries. It also points in graphic detail to the eternal global warming issue that we are grappling with, and are leaving to future generations.

Short term versus long term

From the Irish government’s potential decision to cull thousands of dairy cows to meet climate targets, to French companies being asked to cut prices on consumer goods, the industry is facing significant challenges.

Research is key

I am thinking about research this morning, in light of the recent item about how milk phospholipids
reduce stress, according to Fonterra’s recent trial on people with moderate levels of stress and the effect of supplementing them with these dairy-derived ingredients.

What was your World Milk Day like?

Last week, it was World Milk Day for the 22nd year. World Milk Day was established in 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to recognise the importance of milk as a global food, and to celebrate the dairy sector.

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