Defending the cow

Although the dairy industry has work to do, a world without cows is probably best left as a Twilight Zone episode and not a reality show, says an article published in Nutrition Today.

Cheese is the new sourdough

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses in the UK came up with a fairly clever idea in its new 500g packaging for the upcoming holiday season – a perfect fit between people raising their own sourdough starters and getting dogs, with educating consumers about how cheese is not just a dairy product, it’s a living entity.

The coffee carriers in lockdown two

Dairy can be found everywhere, no matter how limited the foodservice industry is right now, I discovered during a recent walk around deserted London.

Ireland on the up

I thought the Bord Bia Virtual GB Trade Reception of particular interest in my flurry of webinars last week, seeing as how the UK is heading towards Brexit at high speed now, and taking Ireland, its largest trading partner, along with it.

Second verse, same as the first

For those of you not distracted by the US election, Europe and the UK are going back into a second lockdown due to the upsurge in coronavirus cases. Same show, different day. But here we are, and how is dairy doing? Well, after attending the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers policy conference this morning, I can say, I am optimistic.

What’s in a name

I understand why makers of non-dairy and plant-based products want the label of “milk” for their products, as it provides a health and nutrition halo that the word “drink” may not offer. However, it is precisely why these terms should not be affiliated with non-dairy products.

The packaging is key

Communication is never more important now that we are all working remotely (well, some of us are). We rely on things like QR codes to check into venues so the app can track and trace us, and some dairy marketers are also using it on their packaging to communicate further with consumers. After all, grocery shopping is something that we are all doing, either remotely or in-person.

Remember Brexit?

Brexit is still happening, among everything else in this very busy year. The news coming that the French are threatening to block a deal with the UK over fishing rights has a feeling of déjà vu about it all.

Salty business

Last month, the UK government’s Public Health England organisation published its guidelines for voluntary salt reduction and recommendations by 2024. With the current average consumption in the UK of 8.4g per day, it falls above the 6g per day recommended.


Enjoying the cheese

News comes that Canadian cheese maker Saputo is exporting the UK’s own Cathedral City cheddar cheeses to not only Canada, but the US. It is good to know that more tasty cheddar will be available across the pond, but as specialist and artisan cheese makers know, it’s been there for a while, in both domestic and imported formats. At any rate, I feel that better cheese lifts all palates, to paraphrase a saying.

Defending dairy

This week promises to be one where people smack their heads and try to figure out what others are thinking. As in, doing things like the following: signing their company’s name to a letter where it basically asks the European Union to take out Amendment 171 in the Common Agricultural Policy Reform. This is the one ensuring that the words “milk”, “cheese”, “yoghurt”, “butter” or “whey” are used exclusively for products that contain dairy milk.


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