The rise of the angry

Mr Phoenix seems to be a self-identified expert on the dairy industry and used his acceptance speech to rant about what he perceives to be the shortcomings of the dairy industry and the “abuses” the cows suffer.

Getting the public involved

The Ethical Dairy up in Scotland is running a series of cheese making courses for the public, along with farm tours for vegans and morning milking experiences. All of this is to help open the farming experience to people who wouldn’t normally be seen at a farm.

January perspective

In much of Europe, this week people return from holidays and get back to their routines. Children return to school. However, dairy farmers and processors don’t have such luxuries.

‘Tis the season for butter shortages

It is the festive season here in Europe and as usual, there is a butter issue. For example, Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain is selling imported butter.

The way of waste

With the COP 25 meeting in Madrid, many minds were on the environment.

Notes from a small planet

We tend to not discuss the farmer, or even other aspects of the food chain aside from dairy, in this dairy processor’s space.

All private label now

It used to be that with private label, own brand dairy was the poor relation to branded products. The commodity SKUs that everyone bought just when they couldn’t be bothered buying branded, or the brand wasn’t available.

What is in a name

The European Union plans in its post-2020 renegotiation of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), to include an amendment to EU regulations on a common market organisation for agricultural products, which includes restricting the name use of vegan and vegetarian products.

We are all eating mozzarella

I put out a cheeseboard at a party this weekend and it was demolished. The cheddar, manchego, brie, goat cheese and aged gouda was cleared, as was the mass of bread and oatcakes. I also put out some homemade membrillo (quince paste), which was also duly gobbled up.

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