The plastic issue

Spending a weekend at the allotment, one notices in the urban environment we live in here in the UK, that a lot of plastic waste is generated.

Who is a loser or a winner?

Really, it depends on what side of the fence you happen to be on. An article in the New York Times last Friday discussed the long and painful decline of Wisconsin’s dairy farms.

Are we electric?

Müller UK’s Milk & More is adding to its electric fleet with an additional 160 delivery vehicles, bringing the fleet up to over 500 by next month.

Finding the next thing

Had an interview this week with a person who is participating in the Dairy Farmers of America’s Accelerator programme.

Keeping pizza pure

Like most people of the modern era we live in, I will pop by the shops and occasionally collect a pizza to bring home, heat up and eat with my family.

When Europe meets

Considering the brouhaha over Brexit last week, the mood at the European Dairy Association’s policy conference was optimistic while accepting there are ongoing issues.

The shape of cheese

Here in the UK, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses is launching an Easter egg made of 100% cheddar cheese.

The ripple effect

Arla Foods has employed a group of female micro-entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, to supply much needed nutritional and affordable dairy product to rural areas.

Mission 4 Milk

A campaign to promote drinking milk among young people in Britain cannot happen too soon, and Andy Venables is right on track.

Of cheese and Brexit

The news that British cheese maker Dairy Crest has been subject to a takeover bid by Canadian cheese maker Saputo, should give people who want a return to the UK of the 1960s pause.

Faux products

This morning, The Times website reports on a subject that has been hotting up lately. This concerns the launch of a “fauxmagerie” in London and its selling of “cheases”, which are a collection of non-dairy products built to be substitutes for the real thing.

A powdery future

A high-tech baby food plant and the EEX’s record year for dairy futures all point to a very positive outlook for the powdered side of milk.

S is for sustainable

I have spent the last week listening in on webinars, interviewing people and attending conferences. It is all part of the job, and there has been one word that has been the theme throughout the week – sustainability.