Wellness trends

The wellness industry seems to be ever-increasing in size and reach, but can these ‘trends’ be misinformative or potentially dangerous?

Women’s health and women’s day

The upcoming International Women’s Day is on 8 March this year. It’s a good time to look at women’s health and what can be done to improve outcomes.

Your health and you

It’s the New Year (Happy New Year of the Rabbit) and a time when most of us are thinking about our health, lifestyles and the way we can make a difference for the year ahead.

Well-being and recycling

Like many other public services here in the UK, the recycling system could do with an upgrade, but it is good to see the efforts that companies within the dairy industry are making to improve their own recycling systems.


It’s in the water

The dairy and the larger agricultural sector have to get it right on issues such as wastewater, while consumers have to think more about how they use their water, and the water companies have to start getting things right on how they manage this very precious resource.

Dairy Industries International