A rose by any other name

The news that Dairy Crest is being rebranded as Saputo Dairy UK comes as little surprise to most of us in the dairy industry.

Reasons to be cheerful with Gen Z

Listening to a group of Gen Z university students at the Dairy UK seminar held the afternoon of the annual dinner, I found reasons to be cheerful.


The International Cheese & Dairy Awards hits the fields in Nantwich next month, and thousands are expected to convene amid the Agricultural Show to celebrate the industry

Your latest trend

We’ve been watching the march of CBD across the food and drink sectors in this part of the industry as something that might be a useful product outside of dairy.

Selling yourself

I have just returned from a holiday in southern Italy. In fact, I was in Campania and ate more mozzarella di bufala than I thought humanly possible.

Countdown to World Milk Day

World Milk Day falls on a Saturday this year, so I thought I’d remind you all so that you can get the bunting out this week and put the halloumi cheese burgers on the barbecue.

Vote for Europe

The European elections are coming this week (23 May), and responses here have ranged from “I’m not voting because we were supposed to have left by now” (cue rolling your eyeballs) or “Why bother voting if we’re going to be leaving anyway?” (more eyeball rolling).

A week of Eurovision

This week will culminate in that most satisfying of singing contests, Eurovision. Forty-one countries will compete to see whose tune will be the tops on the night.

The plastic issue

Spending a weekend at the allotment, one notices in the urban environment we live in here in the UK, that a lot of plastic waste is generated.

Who is a loser or a winner?

Really, it depends on what side of the fence you happen to be on. An article in the New York Times last Friday discussed the long and painful decline of Wisconsin’s dairy farms.

Are we electric?

Müller UK’s Milk & More is adding to its electric fleet with an additional 160 delivery vehicles, bringing the fleet up to over 500 by next month.

Finding the next thing

Had an interview this week with a person who is participating in the Dairy Farmers of America’s Accelerator programme.

Keeping pizza pure

Like most people of the modern era we live in, I will pop by the shops and occasionally collect a pizza to bring home, heat up and eat with my family.