Riding the nostalgia wave

As part of our May Day worker celebrations (or bank holiday long weekend, as it is commonly known here in the UK), we took ourselves off to the last remaining outpost of what used to be a fairly widespread phenomenon, Fitzpatrick’s Temperance Bar in Rawtenstall, up in the northwest of the country. It’s a rather picturesque town and has all the modern conveniences. We parked up in the Asda supermarket across the way and headed over to try its vintage cordials and have some lunch.

After the meal with several types of fizzy drinks, the servers were delighted to sell us several bottles of sarsaparilla cordial for me to guzzle at home. The bar also has an online shop, so when I run out I can restock and have it delivered to the house. The things I do to get my childhood favourites replicated over here in this country…

I am no doubt part of a larger trend, even though my childhood extends to having cola and sarsaparilla delivered to our house (along with milk) back in the day, and I remember rotary dial telephones. People want to reconnect with their youth, or even the youth of others, and serving up nostalgic fizzy drinks so people can Instagram them is all part of the package.

I do think that’s where dairy wins. If we can reconnect consumers to the dairy of their childhoods, there’s probably no amount they won’t spend to get some of that back. And, unlike fizzy drinks, there is a significant health and nutritional benefit to dairy. I look forward to visiting a modern dairy milk bar soon.

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