We all scream for ice cream

In this part of the world, it has been time to buy stock in Unilever and Froneri and try and stay cool. The UK is experiencing two unusual things — the England football team doing well in the World Cup (into the final four) and a longstanding heatwave. Thus, my ice cream intake, which is fairly high throughout the year, has gone through the roof. Two ice lollies a day is not unknown as we all try and beat the heat in our house.

The Ice Cream Alliance provides a few facts about our favourite frozen treat. For example, on average, each person in the UK eats nine litres of ice cream every year. This sounds a lot but the Scandinavians eat more with the Americans topping the chart at 20 litres per year. However, nobody beats New Zealand, which consumes more ice cream per capita than any other country, with an average of 28.4 litres per person, per year.

The United Kingdom was one of the most prolific consumers of ice cream in Europe during 2015, with about 275,000 metric tons of ice cream were sold in the UK, just behind the 440,000 metric tons sold in Italy. Germans consumed more ice cream than any other European nation, at 560,000 metric tons.

There are more than 1,000 companies in the UK producing ice cream in hundreds of flavours as well. So, a lot of products to get through on these very hot days.

Ben & Jerry’s seems to be at the top of the tree, with around 7.7 million people eating it in the UK, according to reports. And, those lucky employees get to bring home three tubs of ice cream per day, according to the website. Further, it’s good for the dairy industry, as it takes 11 litres of whole milk to make one gallon of ice cream.

A win-win all around.

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