Ten metres of cheese and a baby

The Guild Internationale des Fromagers put on a lot of cheese at its meeting last week, in order to welcome in several new members from the UK and France, including Michelin starred chef Raymond Blanc. The cheese board, when it was unveiled, was 10 metres long and filled with just about every cheese you could wish for, from Montgomery cheddar to Comté, goat cheese and sheep milk cheese and everything in between. To say it was a delight is an understatement. In a way, it was a tribute to the many countries that make up the European Union as well, along with the other countries that are in the Guild. We may have our differences, but cheese is the Esperanto of food. It crosses all borders, rather deliciously.

Monsieur Blanc also provided the ideas for a selection of food to be dished out, including sautéed mushrooms, hazelnuts and sage with Saint Agur blue cheese sauce. It was a lovely way to spend an evening, and a fitting tribute to those who were inducted into the Guild, as supporters and proponents of the nobility of cheese products. It is important to remember that cheese matters, both to countries and to people.

In other news, our own advertising manager Samantha Bull is headed off on maternity leave this week. It is such an exciting time for her and her family, and we wish her all the best on her new adventure. Plus we can’t wait to see the little Bull after all this waiting!

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