Interesting times

Not sure what to say this week but I hope you are all well and doing what you can to stay safe and get through these very interesting times here on planet Earth. I don’t know about you, but I am suddenly very aware I am one of several billions strong species (The most successful one ever! Able to survive on all seven continents! Eats just about anything!), with all the discussions of herds and immunity and all that.

Despite what some politicians say, it is something that affects us all, no matter where we live. It is not down to one national collective, or decisions made, but something that has occurred. We are being brought low by a virus, as in some Michael Crichton novel. It’s really indifferent to our political leanings.

Hopefully, what we are trying to do is protect the people who don’t have robust immune systems, through no fault of their own. Here in the UK, it’s brought out some kind of national memory of wars past, discussions over shortages (no tonic water!), with people giggling as they wave elbows at each other while they all queue up (they love a line here) for toilet paper. Don’t ask. I am not sure how that will help if you can’t get out or wind up having the virus.

Another thing is the neighbourhood has started up a WhatsApp group to see if the elderly and so forth need assistance. Which is good. But overall, it’s becoming a group effort, even if the group can’t convene in person. In Italy, they are singing to each other across the street. How lovely. It’s a good thing to remember – we are all one species, us humans and sometimes there are things we can’t control on this small planet.

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