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What’s in your recycling stream? Although we are eating a lot of yogurt, not the yogurt pots. They are being rinsed out and diverted to being pots for the sowing of vegetables for the allotment. Ditto any cardboard coffee cups. I will start seeding the pots next week.

Our allotment space

This weekend, it was about structure for the plot – I managed to get a load of decking planks from a neighbour, and then a friend was getting rid of a bench. My car is filthy, but the walkways look great and there is a place to sit at the back, among the artichokes and near the stick of a fig tree. I am now on the lookout for a little table.

This too, was all about recycling. A plastic bench that would have been sent to landfill has now been moved to the plot for years of use. It even has storage. The decking will provide pathways so I can clamber along them with the hose (which was also recycled from a neighbour years ago – it’s probably more tape than hose at this point).

So, the news that Trimona is has a fully recyclable yogurt pot from Greiner Packaging is good news. Other yogurts have been following the same route. If you get hold of a Yeo Valley kerned yogurt, it’s the same.

However, the recycling systems in different countries don’t always get all the plastic we humans produce. Here in the UK, different councils use different recycling formats, and since there are about 350 councils, it leads to a lot of confusion.

Politics has a hand, as we all know only too well. How and when your rubbish gets collected is a political item, and depending on where you live, it can be collected every fortnight, or weekly. You can put some things in bags and other items in bins. This changes from town to town.

As humans, it’s a lot for our brains to process, never mind ones who have been dealing with a pandemic and lockdowns for a year. However, WRAP ( is here to help in the UK.

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