Treating all members of the family

Last week, I spent some time up in Birmingham exploring the UK Food & Drink Shows, which consist of Foodex Manufacturing Solutions, the Farm Shop & Deli Show, the National Convenience Show to the Food & Drink Expo. I actually went up to a section of the National Exhibition Centre I didn’t know existed, despite visiting the venue many times. It was a very busy place for the few days it was on.

If I didn’t get to see you, it wasn’t for lack of trying, but I ran around for several hours, along with our fellow Team Dairy folks, Sam Bull and Aimee Herbert. We visited everywhere from Elopak (cartons) to Kemtile (nice flooring display) and HRS (heating) and even got to sample some ice cream. Thank you, Equi’s Ice Cream (Scottish ice cream). I also learned about doggy ice cream, which is a frozen treat for canines, on Mario’s stand (Welsh dairy ice cream).

This is a range extension that is a hit. People love their pets and pets love their treats. When I surveyed my friends about their dogs after the show, one noted that his dog will head to the nearest pub where it is sold. I am not sure I believe that entirely, but my other friend said her dog also heads to the nearest sales venue for doggy ice creams when out and about, particularly on hot days.

I will also bet that the humans get their own ice creams while they are buying them for their furry friends. Again, the vendor said purchasers sometimes buy it for themselves. As they are peanut-based, it’s not for those with nut allergies. But it’s a way to introduce people who are not familiar with one’s brand, to the range. A way to get ice cream into places such as pubs, where maybe you wouldn’t think of ice cream being there. I just think it’s brilliant.

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