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I think in a time when let’s face it, people are not getting along, with terrible events occurring in the Middle East and Ukraine, we need to look at what is going well in the world. I am a natural pessimist sometimes, but in the dairy sector, we have good news. Let’s look at a few things, like last week’s IDF World Summit in Chicago, US.

There, more than 1,240 dairy leaders from 55 countries celebrated the International Dairy Federation’s 120th anniversary, with Piercristiano Brazzale, the IDF president, called the World Dairy Summit, “an unmatched opportunity to collaborate on the most promising opportunities and most important challenges in the dairy sector. The hard work and dedication of everyone in the dairy sector produces delicious, nutritious, and simply irreplaceable food that feeds more than six billion consumers and sustains one billion livelihoods globally.”

A number of dairy innovation awards were also given out at the four-day event, including innovation in sustainable processing for Hochschule Hanover, which has developed a RO-NF-UF membrane cascade to concentrate skim milk to a dry matter of less than 48 per cent. Dairy Farmers of Canada received an award for its “We’re in” campaign, in the innovation in marketing and communication initiative building dairy category. New product development with a focus on food safety and consumer nutrition’s gong went to Unison Process Solutions for its heist system, and to Yili Group for the ambient cheese lollipop. Yili also collected for its sustainable packaging, with its SATINE environmentally sustainable packaging with no ink or printing.

Congratulations are also to be given to Shreeja Milk, for its win in the women empowerment in the dairy sector, and to Lactanet and Semex in Canada for its innovation in climate action.

No matter what happens, dairy keeps going to provide nutrition and drive innovation in the sector in so many areas. We pull together and make things work, while making dairy a sustainable, low-carbon, empowering segment of the larger food industry. It’s a good feeling.

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