The cheese board wins

It’s been a week where German farmers were protesting, and the weather has been uncooperative in general. Here in the UK, confidence in the cheese market is growing, even as we plod through Veganuary. (Roll on #Februdairy!) It seems consumers are using cheese as a meat substitute, which is a good idea, considering its nutritional profile versus vegan alternatives.

As Lactalis UK & Ireland notes in the Grocery Trader, shoppers are increasingly seeking out versatile and convenient food products, meaning there is a lot to be optimistic about. Cheese fits that bill nicely.

It’s sometimes a case where everything old is new again, and the idea of hot cheese holds everything we like in cheese: warmth, nutrition, taste. Coming into a place with a cooked cheese meal is a delight to the senses, no matter what form it takes – melted toastie, fondue, an oven-baked Camembert, potatoe topped with cheese, and pasta and cheese.

This year, the end of the holiday season has not meant the end of the cheese board. I have noticed retailers such as Sainsbury’s in the UK offering multiple packs of cheese more often. making them handy for dinner parties, or just when it’s easier to grab and go. No matter how it gets into the trolleys, it’s clear that cheese is the product that wins hearts and minds in the supermarket aisles.

Here at Dairy Industries International, we will also be among the cheeses, at the International Cheese and Dairy Expo, set for 27 June in Stafford, UK. Along with the Society of Dairy Technology Symposium and Dinner on 26 June and the ICDA Awards and networking lunch, it promises to be a solid two days of all things dairy in the UK. Don’t miss it! Please contact Samantha Bull for ways to get involved, ranging from exhibiting to speaking: [email protected].

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