The mechanics of dairy

This last week, I feel I have been writing a lot about new equipment. Which makes sense, as Anuga FoodTec is coming up next month, as well as our own Expo, which will have equipment showcased as part of the coverage from start to finish for dairy products. We have ingredients, and cheese manufacturers, and testing, and pumps, and logistics. It promises to be quite a show. Contact Sam Bull at [email protected] for more information.

However, the need for new equipment comes as the industry works to provide consumers with what they want: great tasting dairy products that are both good for a person, and provide all the taste and nutrients that we expect from dairy. But having these without some aspects such as lactose, or with lower fat, or less sugar.

I count myself as one of those who now consume ice cream with higher protein and lower sugar than I used to. Products can be hit or miss sometimes, but overall, the processors have done a good job of knocking down the sugar and salt contents of cheese and dairy in general, without the loss of flavour and texture. This all comes with a need to research, and then to get in the equipment that will do the job of working with different recipes for consumer satisfaction.

It’s what keeps dairy exciting for those of us working in the industry. Part of the fun is reporting on the new trends, and seeing them go live in your local retail outlet is a delight. For example, at-home barista style milk. It’s a thing, it exists and you can probably find it in a supermarket near you. See the photo above for what I found in my local retail outlet recently. The months of research and development are worth it for a frothy coffee at home.

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