Springtime is here

It is not officially spring yet but don’t tell my garden that. Daffodils are blooming, the starlight magnolia is showing off, and we have frog spawn in our little plastic pond. I spent the weekend clearing up the back of the garden, and my teenager, who does not normally like spending time with us fossils, was positively delighted at the prospect of going to the recycling centre and chucking things into the bins.

The rain that has been pummelling us lately has stopped, and here we are in March. By the end of the month it will be positively glowing in this neck of the woods.

Also, something to look forward to in spring is the seminars and symposiums coming up, ranging from Anuga FoodTec to SDT’s Spring Conference, to Dairy Innovation Strategies, the latter of which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

I was reminded of one particular one here in the UK, while I enjoyed my usual yogurt, fruit and granola breakfast. The Society of Dairy Technology is holding its spring conference on 20-21 March in Weston-Super-Mare, in the UK, with the topic of “Yogurt & fermented creams, what’s new?”

Having gone to a fair few of these conferences, I find there is always a lot new discussed, and such interesting topics with featured speakers. I learn a lot at these events.

Fermentation is such a big topic right now, and yogurt can be considered the GOAT* of the process, along with kefir and other fermented dairy products. People are talking about fermentation, and as seen at the SDT’s last conference in Ireland, the SDT has the zeitgeist right – digitisation, which was the topic of its 80th in Cork, is being implemented everywhere in the dairy sector as well.

So, don’t miss out. The Food Works SW also looks to be such an interesting venue where food enterprise and development occurs, I encourage you all to attend. See you there!

* Greatest of all time

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