Dairy processing


Dairy demands outlined in framework

Across the European Union (EU28), there are 700,000 dairy farms, 12,000 milk processing sites and more than 300,000 people working in the sector. The dairy sector is the industrial and societal backbone of rural Europe in the EU27 as much as in the UK, the European Dairy Association reminds everyone in its dairy framework document, released on 31 January.


Getting the public involved

The Ethical Dairy up in Scotland is running a series of cheese making courses for the public, along with farm tours for vegans and morning milking experiences. All of this is to help open the farming experience to people who wouldn’t normally be seen at a farm.

Emmi Landquart tops 100 million litres

The Emmi cheese dairy in Landquart, which has always specialised in raclette cheese, broke the 100 million litres mark in 2019. The success is due to the increasing demand for raclette in Switzerland and the great popularity of Swiss cheese in the US. When the Landquart cheese factory was built in 1993, the focus was […]

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