IFST SC20 Webinar Series: Opportunities and Challenges, Transparency and Trust in the Food Chain

Date: 1 April 2020

Website: https://www.ifst.org/events/890/the-appliance-of-food-science-ifst-sc20-webinar-series-blockchain

Speaker: John Keogh, Strategist/Advisor, Shantalla

Mr. Keogh is a strategist, C-level advisor and academic researcher with 25 years of executive leadership roles as Director, VP and SVP in global Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, Technology Consulting and global Supply Chain Standards. He advises the public and private sectors worldwide and is a regular subject matter expert on TV and Radio.

Abstract: Food chain transparency and trust have emerged as growing concerns due to recurring food safety crises, ethical lapses, and food fraud scandals. Technology-mediated supply chain integration is of unquestionable importance and facilitates the processes required to reduce information asymmetry between food producers and food consumers.  Stakeholders have to deal with various complexities, and technology alone cannot address all of our challenges.

During this briefing, John G. Keogh will outline the complexities of today’s global Food Chain and discuss the multifaceted constructs of transparency and trust. He will describe the principles behind food credence claims (e.g., halal, kosher, organic) and how firms can use technology and analytical science to build trust and reduce the risk of opportunism.

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