SDT webinar: Achieving Dairy Process Optimisation

Date: 17 June 2021


During this webinar you will hear about new technologies and developments that can optimise your dairy processes to make them more cost effective, flexible and sustainable.

Three speakers will present at the event from companies who are well known experts in their specific areas of dairy processing:

  • Presentation 1: Process Insights with In-Line Analysis (Dr Mark Whatton, QCL)
    Introduction of a new product for the continuous, in-line compositional analysis of dairy products for Fat, Protein, Salt, Moisture and other parameters. The instrument is truly in-line and can communicate with PLC thereby making production more automated and efficient.
  • Presentation 2: Optimisation of the homogenisation of milk (Pavlos Kouroutsidis, Tetra Pak)
    Based on a recent white paper published by the company,  new homogenisation technologies that can make dairy operations more cost-effective, flexible and sustainable will be discussed. Building on knowledge of milk composition and milk behaviour, including the details of how milk flows through homogenisation devices,  tips and strategies for more efficient homogenisation and longer shelf life for milk products will be presented.
  • Presentation 3: Improving processing and product quality/texture in the dairy industry (Jon Youles, Ytron-Quadro)
    Improving processing and product quality/texture in the dairy industry. Discussing methods of powder incorporation and dispersion to speed up process times for many dairy products as well as to improve texture and protein dispersion in yogurt.

Attendance at the webinar is free of charge and will last for one hour, with five minutes of questioning following each presentation.

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