Indonesia’s ABC Group buys milking system

Indonesia is experiencing a rapid rise in the demand for milk and milk products which is reflected in the growth of its dairy farming industry. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, per capita consumption of milk is expected to rise to 20 litres in 2020 and again to 30 litres by 2025.

GEA has recently secured a contract with Indonesian ABC Group to supply a EuroClass 800 RE milking system.

According to GEA, the milking system has the potential to expand as the company’s dairy herd grows to meet the demands of its developing market place.

This is in addition to the supply of a complete UHT and aseptic tank including deaeration, separation and homogenisation as well as refrigeration equipment to the company.

Martine Snels, member of the executive board and responsible for GEA’s regions and countries organisation, says, “This project shows the intended customer-focused strengths of the new GEA organisation. We’ve succeeded in making multiple sales because we’ve worked together benefitting ourselves and our customer.”

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