Fat-burning whey drinks set for launch

GERMANY – The whey drinks market in Germany looks set to receive a boost with the release of a new product from Nordmilch, which contains no fat and features a ‘fat-burner’ substance that is said to help slimming.

The product is set to be launched this spring and is called Body-Fit. It will be part of Nordmilch’s Milram Vitality health drink range that already includes low-fat buttermilk and whey products.

Nordmilch claims that its new drink is the first ever whey-fruit drink that has 0% fat and includes the fat-burner L-carntin. L-carntin (previously known as vitamin BT) is a nutrient substance that attaches itself to fat within the body and helps speed up its metabolism into energy.

Signs that whey is becoming increasingly popular in Germany were underlined this month in a new report prepared by the market reporting agency (ZMP) and food marketing agency (CMA).

The nationwide survey revealed that almost half of those questioned now drank whey. A similar survey conducted two years ago indicated that only 34% of the population drank whey.

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