Farm Dairy and Campina unite

THE NETHERLANDS – Farm Dairy, one of the biggest private label suppliers for the milk sector in the Netherlands, has signed an agreement with the country’s second largest dairy, Campina.

The deal is an attempt by Farm Dairy to fully exploit its filling capacity and logistics operations. It will also focus on more investment in new milk products.

Based in Lelystad on the Flevoland polder, Farm Dairy is owned by the de Bruijne family. It currently processes around 110 million kilograms of milk annually into drinking milk, buttermilk and yogurt products. The company’s processing capacity is believed to be close to 150 million kilograms per year.

Both Campina and Farm Dairy stress that they will remain fully independent enterprises outside the new cooperation agreement.

The move is expected to lead to a surge of new products from Farm Dairy starting in 2003 including. This is expected to include flavoured yogurts, drinking yogurts and double and single creams.

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