DairyUK welcome plans to tackle food waste

Dairy UK has welcomed the announcement from Britain’s secretary of state Michael Gove of an additional £15 million to tackle food waste and redistribute surplus food.

Chief executive Dr Judith Bryans said: “Over the past decade, dairy processors have taken significant steps to minimise food waste and find alternative uses for the waste generated on site. As a result 85% of the food waste generated on site is not wasted and has an alternative use. Increasingly food waste is being used for animal feed, converted into energy or redistributed, all of which ensures that the abundance of nutrients that dairy products provide do not go to waste.

“Through the Dairy Roadmap, dairy processors have committed to continue this action, pledging to reduce the food waste they produce by 30% by 2025, and to take effective action to prevent consumer food waste.”

Alongside work as part of The Dairy Roadmap, Dairy UK is also a signatory of the Courtauld Commitment 2025, a voluntary agreement which aims to cut food and drink waste by 20% by 2025. Courtauld business signatories, including leading retailers, manufacturers, and food redistribution organisations, have agreed to work collaboratively with WRAP to double the amount of surplus food they redistribute by 2020.

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