Aldi encourages the sniff test in Germany

Due to uncertainty among consumers about the durability, many foods end up in the bin. German supermarket chain Aldi Süd is now including comments on labels encouraging consumers to test dairy products before disposing of them: “Smell me! Try me! I’m often good for longer!” The hope is that this will encourage customers to check the nutritional quality of their milk products themselves.

Since the beginning of 2018, Aldi has been testing the additional imprint on its milfina milk packaging in around 400 branches in southern Germany. An accompanying consumer survey has shown that a reference demonstrably contributes to raising customer awareness.

“The test has shown that our customers perceive and, above all, adjust their behaviour accordingly, and we are pleased to be able to contribute to food appreciation with this measure,” says Julia Adou, head of corporate responsibility at Aldi Süd.

More than 75% of respondents in Aldi’s survey stated that when checking the shelf life of milk it is more important to look for external factors such as smell or taste than the printed best before date. That was a good 12% more than before the change in packaging design tests.

More than 80% of consumers perceived the campaign as a call to be more aware of how to handle food, and around 85% rated the “save your milk” campaign as important or even very important. Aldi Süd is now introducing the packaging nationwide.

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