Delicate and quiet operation

Designed for handling fluids which are sensitive, abrasive, and either high or low viscosity, the Alfa Laval’s new Twin Screw Pump is ideal for use in hygienic applications in the dairy industry.

“The Twin Screw Pump is the ideal choice for both high and low viscosity liquids, all pumped perfectly with complete reliability,” said John Walker, pump portfolio manager.

The Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump is quiet and virtually pulse-free, as well as being smooth and gentle during operation. This makes it suitable for handling sensitive products as the risk of product damage is reduced thereby improving product quality.

Maintenance is simplified and uptime increased as the pump can handle product transfer as well as cleaning-in-place (CIP). Quick, easy seal replacement with the pump in place is made possible, thanks to a cartridge seal with a truly front-loading, self-setting design.

Superior suction performance with excellent lift capability and low NPSHR provides installation flexibility and increases product recovery.

The Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump features a clean, external stainless steel finish with profiled elastomers and mechanical seals fully surrounded by the product. Designed for maximum cleanability using FDA-conforming materials, the pump is both EHEDG- and 3-A certified. An optional ATEX version enables use in hazardous zones.

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