Allgäu Milch Käse in butter expansion

German dairy Allgäu Milch Käse has invested €2.5 million in converting the dairy’s butter plant, so production at Kimratshofen can be expanded. The investment had become necessary as the old butter plant had reached capacity limits. The new facilities will allow Allgäu Milch Käse to market more milk fat in the form of butter and increase the marketing of butter specialties in the future. More than 10,000 tons of butter can now be produced.

In addition to the types of butter products such as ‘sweet cream’, ‘mild acid’ and the classic ‘sour cream butter’, which are sold under the name Allmikäs or Allgäu butter, there is also a salted and a light butter.
During processing the dairy uses mountain, organic, hay and conventional milk in order to produce different products.

Another aspect of the new plant is that mountain and hay milk butter can be produced in a new packaging size (200g).  A new type of cascade cleaning process means the dairy can not only save a considerable amount of water and energy, but also considerable quantities of cleaning agents.

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