Nestlé launches probiotic solution for lactating mothers

Nestlé has launched a probiotic solution for lactating mothers, to help them reduce the risk of breast pain and mastitis – a painful inflammatory condition of the breast – during breastfeeding.

Materna Opti-Lac is a food supplement that contains a patented probiotic strain L. fermentum LC40, naturally found in breastmilk of healthy mums to support breast health. Materna Opti-Lac is being launched first in Hong Kong with several markets to reportedly follow in the coming months.

“Maternal and infant nutrition are equally important in the first 1,000 days of life. We offer high-quality, nutritionally balanced and science-based products to mothers and babies during this period,” said Thierry Philardeau, head of Nestlé’s Nutrition Strategic Business Unit. “With Materna Opti-Lac, we are helping mothers to continue breastfeeding and offer their babies a solid foundation for life. It is a privilege to accompany many millions of mothers on this journey.’’

Nestlé recommends women prone to breast pain and mastitis to take the hard gel capsules daily from the start of breastfeeding. Products will be available in pharmacies, drugstores, baby stores, retail shops and hospitals.

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