Survey says long life is top choice in Germany

Conventional long-life milk is the most popular dairy product in Germany, where the majority of the population consume at least one litre per week. Long-life milk is most popular in Saxony-Anhalt, whereas many as 67% use long-life milk, according to a recent survey amongst 2,000 Germans by the market research institute YouGov for Weihenstephan Dairy.

Germans also agree on a way to use the milk – they prefer to drink it as a mixed drink in the form of coffee or cocoa. They are big fans in Hamburg, with 86% in the city drinking their milk as cappuccino, latte macchiato or refined with fine chocolate.

According to the survey, the second and third place products consumed after conventional long-life milk are conventional fresh milk and organic fresh milk.

The Germans are also unanimous in terms of taste.  Whether it is long-life milk or fresh milk, for about 90% of milk consumers in Germany the taste is important to very important. This makes taste the most important criterion for buying a certain brand of milk.

The Germans like to drink milk low-fat milk (1.5 -1.8% fat) as well as whole milk (3.5 – 4.4% fat), but skim milk with a maximum of 0.5% fat remains far behind the other fat levels.

“Milk with higher fat content such as 3.5% fat is particularly full-bodied and universally applicable. For example, it brings out the flavours of fine cereals perfectly,” said Christopher Guyot, product developer at Weihenstephan Dairy.

“Our 1.5% fat milk, on the other hand, is perfect for mixed milk drinks such as coffee, because it’s great for making fluffy milk froth.”

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