Dairy Crest rebrands as Saputo Dairy UK

Following its acquisition by Saputo Inc, Dairy Crest has changed its name to Saputo Dairy UK.

The change of name reflects that Dairy Crest is now part of Saputo Inc, one of the top ten dairy processors in the world. With the expansion of both the Davidstow Creamery in Cornwall and its functional ingredients business, international markets are increasingly important to the growth of the business. The strength of the Saputo name, and its reach and reputation in key overseas markets, will support that expansion.

The change to the corporate brand will have no impact on Dairy Crest’s leading consumer-facing brands, including Cathedral City cheddar, Clover dairy spread, Country Life butter and Frylight cooking spray.

Tom Atherton, president and chief operating officer of Saputo Dairy UK said: “Since the acquisition completed in April, we have received resounding feedback from our employees that now is the time to rebrand the company, marking a new phase in our development as we integrate ourselves into the Saputo family.

“Cathedral City and our other market-leading brands have always been our prime focus, and that will remain the case. Our consumers will see no change to our much-loved products.”

Dairy Crest has a long and distinguished history, starting in the 1960s when the Milk Marketing Board (MMB) began selling cheese and butter under the Dairy Crest name. In the 1980s The MMB’s milk processing operation was spun off into a separate division called Dairy Crest which was the buyer of last resort for all surplus raw milk. The brand developed over time and became synonymous with liquid milk and milkmen as the doorstep business expanded.

On 15 April 2019, Saputo Inc. completed its acquisition of Dairy Crest.

For the time being, the name of the principal legal entity will remain Dairy Crest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saputo Dairy UK.

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