Epi Ingredients’ fermented powders now Kosher-certified

Epi Ingredients’ industrial facility in Ancenis, France has been certified Kosher by the Orthodox union Kosher certification service. The dry ingredients division of French dairy co-operative Laïta can now offer its customers fermented powders that are both Kosher and Halal certified.

The company has fine-tuned its manufacturing process allowing it to dry blends of milk and live cultures and keep the cultures alive throughout the process and into the finished powder.

The resulting range of premium fermented powders (yogurt, quark powder and fermented milk powders) allows new developments to deliver the same live cultures and nutrition as traditional live culture products but without some of the hurdles of fresh yogurt. They are also naturally adapted to regions where harsh climate conditions might hinder milk production or pose a challenge when it comes to preserving fresh milk or refrigerated products.

“With our Epilac fermented powders, we can support manufacturers in the development of products designed to cater to consumers who are always pressed for time and looking for convenient, “on-the-go” snack options that are both healthy and indulgent,” said Mathieu Lucot, marketing manager at Epi Ingredients.

“And this new Kosher certification opens up new markets for our yogurt and fermented powders, notably in the US and some European countries.”

After the launch of a first concept, SoFlexi, featuring its yogurt powder in 2017, Epi Ingredients is working with its fermented powders again and is currently putting the finishing touches on a new revolutionary concept which will be unveiled later this year at Food Ingredients Europe and takes on a new dimension in light of the recent Kosher certification.

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  1. John Knox says:

    Exciting developments. Can you send me additional data for product development purposes

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